Celebrate the history, courage and diversity of our rainbow community.


  • Rainbow Pride Auckland is a newly formed not-for-profit organisation focused on delivering celebratory LGBTQI+ events in Tāmaki Makaurau
  • We are a diverse city and with that comes some diverse points of views. Rainbow Pride Auckland was formed as a response to feedback from the community that we needed all-inclusive Pride events celebrating commitment both large and small to making this world a better place for rainbow communities.
  • Our events are about celebrating what has been achieved and providing a fun, inviting atmosphere to people from all walks of life.
  • There’s plenty of room for two, four, forty pride event organisations in Auckland. Pride continues to grow and we’re a result of that.


Saturday 20 Feb 2021
From 5.30 pm and leading into the Ponsonby Street Festival

Participation in the Rainbow Pride Auckland Walking Parade is open to any group wanting to celebrate with our LGBTGI+ communities, who can demonstrate a strong connection with our rainbow communities, communicate a clear, supportive and positive message and be reflective of the Parade concept/kaupapa for 2020.

Central Auckland was chosen in the early stages of creating Rainbow Pride Auckland and as such a funding application was made to ATEED which Central Auckland as the location of the parade.  It was after the funding application had been approved that we were advised that as Auckland’s CBD is currently under going major changes (CRL Tunnelling, Quay St & K’rd enhancements), it was not feasible or safe to host a motorised parade on any of these central locations.  

With the support of the Ponsonby Business Association, we are able to deliver on a scaled back pride parade, now as a walking Rainbow Parade in conjunction with the Ponsonby Street Festival.  The Ponsonby Street Festival contains staged areas on Ponsonby Road which will be installed prior to the parade therefore a full motorised parade is not possible

  • Yes – we hope to bring back a motorised parade in 2022

Unapologetically, all-inclusive celebrations of all aspects of being part of this rainbow whānau. Love is love and we’re here to give a platform for you to show it.

  • Yes, pets are allowed at the event, including, of course, service animals assisting people with accessibility needs. We do, however, strongly recommend leaving pets at home since both the Parade and Celebration are noisy, crowded, and hot. We have found that pets can sometimes be very startled by the crowds and sounds of Pride. In busy areas, it may be difficult to navigate with pets who will be walking on the ground given the high number of stomping feet moving through the crowd.
  • Depending on the number of participants taking part in each group, we can accommodate up to 70 groups but it’s best to get your registration form in quickly to avoid disappointment.
  • Parade participants will setup in Ponsonby Tce and a specific section of Ponsonby Road.  We’ll let you know early February once registrations are closed and the parade order has been completed

Safety & Wellbeing

  • This parade is about celebrating the diversity of the rainbow whānau, that includes police and corrections.
  • We’re here to promote kindness and acceptance, we hope that you can still come along and see that we’re all just people doing what we can to make this world just a bit better for our communities.

Getting Involved / Community

  • Applications are open to absolutely everyone regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality and gender identity.

  • Register  now to volunteer

For further information please refer to our parade guidelines document

Getting Involved / Businesses

Simply visit our partnerships page or email partners@rainbowprideakl.org.nz

Contact us through the website, we’d love to hear about and spread the word about your event

About us

We’re a newly formed not-for-profit organisation with a mission to bring people together to celebrate the history, courage and diversity of our community.

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