Guidelines & safety

Celebrate the history, courage and diversity of our rainbow community.

Set-up Time & Location

All groups must be at their pre-assigned mustering area on Ponsonby Road between 4.45pm and 5.30pm at the latest.

Choreography, Performance Manoeuvres & Music

Keep the flow.  All dance troupes must choreograph routines with a flow that suits the walking pace of the parade. Groups are not permitted at any stage to pause or stop on the parade route to perform manoeuvres.

All hail the parade marshals.  All entrants must obey your group’s parade marshals, and our RPA-provided parade crew members, at all times – including when asked to halt or keep a suitable distance from the next group.

Continuous music. If your group uses music, the music must play continuously for the entire duration of the parade.

Conduct & Attire

Rainbow Pride Auckland encourages all participants to be costumed and dressed in a manner that represents their float concept and the theme of the parade.

Parade participants must demonstrate respect for the tone of the parade and consideration for the audience, which includes families with children. Alcohol, drug consumption and smoking – including vaping – during the parade is strictly prohibited.

The following artistic guidelines apply to all parade participants in addition to Health & Safety and logistical requirements…

  • Don’t be a hater. Individuals must not present images or messages that promote or condone distasteful behaviour, violence or hatred of any person or group.
  • No nudity. Parade entries must be aware that due to the Rainbow Pride Parade being a family orientated event, there is to be no nudity in this Parade.

Safety Compliance

We’re looking out for everyone.  For reasons of safety, parade participants must…

  • comply with all directions given by the parade crew (parade crew provided by RPA),
  • consider how many people can safely be in your group,
  • avoid throwing items of any kind into the crowd (except water-soluble streamers or confetti).

Environmental Considerations

Plan your confetti.  Parade participants must use water soluble streamers or confetti in place of traditional streamers or confetti.   There are plenty of rice-paper streamer and confetti stockists in Auckland, so plan ahead.


Domestic pets are permitted in the parade – however you are responsible for cleaning up after your animals at all times.  Please ensure you carry animal treats and water for your animal.  Should you need any advice please contact the SPCA or alternative organisation.

Distribution of Flyers, Candy and Other Items


Any item to be distributed to a spectator MUST BE delivered from HAND TO HAND. 

Pamphlets/Flyers. Any pamphlets/flyers being distributed must be directly linked to your organisation/business and be submitted to Rainbow Pride Auckland for approval prior to 1 February 2021. Rainbow Pride Auckland reserves the right to prevent the distribution of any material that has not been approved prior. Do not turn up on the day with pamphlets if you have not informed Rainbow Pride Auckland of your intention to do so.

Condoms. Condoms are only to be distributed with prior approval of Rainbow Pride Auckland and must only be handed to adults. If you intend to distribute condoms you must state this on your registration form as there are strict guidelines as to how this can be done.

Giving out food or drinks. The distribution of food and beverages during the parade is prohibited unless first approved by the parade event manager.   Let us know in your parade application form if you’re considering distributing food and/or beverages.

Walking Marshals

Each parade entry is required to provide walking marshals.

  • High-vis. Marshals must wear a high-vis vest throughout the parade. 
  • Training. Marshals must attend a training session which will be advised at a later date.
  • Large groups. Large groups are considered 100 participants or more

How many walking marshalls must you supply?

1 to 50 persons = 4 Walking Marshalls

50 to 75 persons = 6 Walking Marshalls

75 to 100 persons = 8 Walking Marshalls

For large groups consisting of 100 participants or more, please supply an additional 2 Walking Marshalls for every 25 additional participants.

Order of Parade

A number of factors will determine your placement within the parade, such as your entry theme, the type of entry, the size of the entry, and the number of participants.

If you have any preference on positioning, please advise on your entry form.  The placement within the parade is at the sole discretion of the Event Manager.

Waste Management

Rainbow Pride Auckland takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. We need your help to achieve this.

  • Remove all rubbish. Please remove all rubbish from the Set-Up Area before you commence onto the Parade Route. There are rubbish bins located in this area for this purpose.
  • Avoid a $500 fine. Leaving rubbish along the Parade Route is not permitted.  A clean up fee of $500 excl GST will be charged for any group who leaves rubbish behind.
  • No glitter. Please do not throw non-biodegradable glitter, as it washes through the storm water system  into the sea where it is detrimental to marine life.

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Important Dates

Registrations close

Friday 3 February 2022 at 5pm (or earlier if maximum registrations reached)

Contact Information

Event Manager
Shaughan Woodcock
+ 64 21 744 138

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We’re a newly formed not-for-profit organisation with a mission to bring people together to celebrate the history, courage and diversity of our community.

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