Thomas James

Celebrate the history, courage and diversity of our rainbow community.

Thomas, more commonly referred to as TJ is a creative extravert who is passionate about being involved and helping the community as much as he can.

As a professional, TJ works as an Internal Communications Advisor where he tells the story of his organisation and takes people on the culture building journey through engaging and imaginative storytelling. While he may be people-communication focused now, TJ brings to the table experience as a journalist, a marketer, a digital content producer, and event developer.

Many may recognise him from The Eagle courtyard sipping a Long Island Iced Tea, always happy to meet new people and chat with the community. Aside from nights out, TJ spends his time playing board games, working in the garden, or settling in for a night of horror movies.

For TJ, this is an opportunity to make a difference for the rainbow community and have a helping hand in creating a legacy that inspires continued growth and inclusion.

Personal statement:

“Auckland is my home, and we have an obligation to make sure we celebrate each other in this beautiful city. The community has given me so much growing up, and now is the time for me to give back.”

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We’re a newly formed not-for-profit organisation with a mission to bring people together to celebrate the history, courage and diversity of our community.

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